Health Services

The Worcester Academy Health Office cares for the health needs of all day and boarding students. It is staffed by professional Registered Nurses and also offers clinic hours with the school physician. The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and closed on the weekends. The staff is available via telephone coverage during nights and weekends.

The Health Office is located on the first floor of Dexter Hall. The office includes a spacious waiting room, office, bath and laundry facilities, one exam room, six in-patient beds, and offers a variety of non-emergency medical services to both day and boarding students. Students are encouraged to visit the Health Office for non-emergency purposes while on a free period during the academic day. Should a student require an appointment with the school doctor or outside physician/ health care professional, attempts are made to schedule this appointment so that it does not interfere with scheduled classes.

The Worcester Academy Health Office functions on a Coordinated School Health Model as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which includes health education, health services, social and physical environment, physical education, guidance and support services, food service, school and work-site health promotion, and integrated school and community health promotion.

The Worcester Academy Health Office works in coordination with the school’s athletic trainers, coaches, counselors, faculty, healthcare providers, parents, guardians, and the students to assist in their individual academic and athletic success. The health office is fully committed to maintaining privacy and confidentiality and ensuring a safe environment for all members of the community.

Health Office Partnerships
  • The Health Office uses MAGNUS electronic student medical records for the convenience and privacy of students. 
  • The Health Office has a relationship with a local pharmacy, which supplies students with prescriptions as directed by Worcester Academy’s health professionals. 
  • The Health Office nurses are members of the National Association of School Nurses and the Massachusetts School Nurses Association. 
  • Worcester Academy is located near several emergency service providers, including the St. Vincent Hospital and UMASS Memorial Medical Center. 
  • The Health Office also maintains ongoing relationships with local specialists for more serious medical or dental treatments.

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Office Hours

Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

A doctor is available by appointment on Wednesdays.
Nursing on-call coverage when the Health Office is closed.

Meet Our Staff

List of 4 members.

  • Kelly Rizy 

    Director of Health Services
    508-754-5302 Ext 166
  • Amy Alicandro 

    School Nurse
    508-754-5302 ext 468
  • Judith Moskal-Kanz 

    School Nurse
    508-754-5302 Ext 468
  • Robin Peretzian 

    Administrative Assistant to Health Services, Summer Programs Account Specialist
    508-754-5302 Ext 549